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Mid Boots – Mid Calf Boots & Wide Calf Boots

Every person is built differently. We all have different body shapes, heights and sizes. Not every boot is going to fit us all. For those with a wider calf, finding the perfect and most comfortable boot for your body shape is easy now! Free People has a wide variety of mid boots that leave extra room for a chunkier sock, as well. And they still look just as cool as our normal everyday styles. Find a pair of wide calf boots in super distressed leather that look like they’ve been worn to perfection for years and years. We love balancing all our little frocks and bohemian maxis with a boyish military boot that makes a statement and that we know will last us forever. We also love pairing our cowboy style boots with floral patterned maxi dresses and skirts, and pretty headpieces. What is your favorite pair?

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