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Shakuhachi Clothing

The best word to describe Shakuhachi and their designs is dreamy. Everything design by Shakuhachi feels and looks very special, and very hand-touched, as if it is the only piece of its kind known to exist today. So much love and imagination goes into the making of this brand, and it very much feels impeccably Free People, a little mix of Meadow and Candy, and everything magical in-between. Shakuhatchi loves to leave room for intensely sophisticated embellishment, like rhinestones, embroidery, sequins, lace, texturized jacquard print, floral crochet, leather, vegan faux leather, sleek silks, and ballerina-esque mesh fabrics. It knows no limits when it comes to luxury and romance. A set of sheer mesh pants and matching crop top with rhinestone embellishments all over is a standout set that just screams holiday when worn together, but can also be so much more versatile when worn separately for other seasons. Shakuhatchi is fearless, imaginative, and dream-worthy, everything we know, love, and endlessly want more of.

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