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Wedge Sandals

There are normal sandals, and then there are extreme sandals. Wedge sandals are for the girls who like to stay on trend and make a statement with their footwear. Free People has a wide range of styles to choose from for your feet, from far out and fabulous to simple, chic, and down-to-earth. Sky-high platform black wedge sandals and crazy printed strappy wedge sandals are for those girls that don’t care if people stare. They like to take risks and make sure to start off their risk taking with their footwear. Sweet gladiator wedge sandals and neutral-toned leather slingback wedge sandals are for those who like to stick with the classics and pair their shoes with a variety of different looks. Free People selections cover all grounds. Try a pair of black wedge sandals in luxurious leather, a wild metallic sheen, a sexy leopard print, a flirty floral pattern, or rugged suede. There are no limits as to what you can test out and try, and Free People loves to change things up to keep with the moment and get started before a trend makes it too big. Find the perfect pair of wedge sandals at Free People right now, and you won’t be disappointed.

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