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Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots may not be for every girl, but they are slowing making their way as an essential boot in the fashion world. The perfect cowboy boot according to Free People is worn in to perfection, with the leather looking well aged and worn. Ankle length, knee high, or something in-between works for every sort of cowboy boot. And don’t stick with just the basic black, brown, and tan colors when it comes to cowboy boots. Try something new, upbeat, and fun, like a royal blue, forest green, or eye-catching metallic gold. We love pairing Free People cowboy boots with floral patterned maxi dresses and skirts, bohemian tunics, distressed denim, dreamy crochet, and pretty headpieces. Whether you prefer a rock star cowboy boot in an ankle length and standout red leather color, or a genuine and perfectly beat up pair, Free People is sure to provide you with limitless options to get your boot on.

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