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Oxford Shoes

Looking for a more dressed down and boyish alternative to the classic heel or sexy ankle boot? Then why not try a fun pair of masculine-style oxford shoes. Oxford shoes are versatile and give your feet a nice break from the wear and tear they can undergo from being in heels all day. We love pairing them with a more tomboy outfit, like a pair of blue jeans cuffed at the ankle, a plaid shirt and a leather jacket. Or spice up your oxford shoes with the most girlish floral dress in your closet. With a little pair of ankle socks, a chic blazer and a cute top hat, oxfords have never looked the perfect mix of girl and boy. The contrast is so much to play around with, and that is why we love oxford shoes the most. Their touch of tomboy chic adds so much to any look. And best of all, they seem to work with just about everything in your closet.

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