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Bloomer shorts from Free People are a quick and effortless way to add a feminine and flirtatious touch to any look. Bloomer shorts are little, a bit frilly, and perfect to layer underneath little dresses and skirts for a peak of kitsch and cute. They also work on their own layered over leggings or tights with a chic blouse and blazer jacket worn on top. For the holidays, we have a new pair of glittery sequin bloomers that are made to be the highlight of the party. With a pair of bloomer shorts this intense and attention grabbing, keeping the rest of your outfit simple and clean is the way to go. From being worn as an intimate piece to a flashy party piece, bloomer shorts cover all dimensions of the fashion bottom spectrum. For those who have never tried bloomers before, we hope that you find out how much they add to your everyday look.

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