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Yoga Accessories & Yoga Bags

Get into yoga mode in style with some beautiful yoga accessories from Free People. Carrying around your yoga mat no longer feels like a hassle when it is encased by a gorgeous yoga mat from Free People. There is even leftover room for your yoga clothes to slip right in, too, making going from day to an evening at yoga class so much more seamless and manageable. Free People yoga accessories are made even more stunning with vibrant colors and intricately embroidered patterns all over. It’s like carrying around a work of art on your shoulders. Choose from one shoulder slingbacks, oversized carry alls with leather detailing. Even just placing them on a spot in your room acts like home décor. Yoga bags at Free People aren’t just about being practical and functional, but also about representing the culture behind yoga’s origins, taking inspiration from Southeast Asia. When you wear a yoga accessory from Free People, you know you are wearing something that will last and has a story behind it.

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