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Faux Leather Jackets

Being animal-friendly is a hugely supported by the Free People brand and we take our anti-animal cruelty very seriously. Free People’s collection of faux leather jackets makes it easy to be animal-friendly, fashionable, and edgy all at the same time. Free People faux leather jackets mimic the look and feel of real leather without causing any harm in the world. Free People has the perfect motorcycle style faux leather jacket that is the easiest piece to throw on top of any look right before heading out the door. You never have to worry about looking drabby in a faux leather jacket when you are low on time and energy to think too much about what you want to wear. For something a little warmer for the cold season, try Free People’s rugged vegan faux leather moto jacket. This coat-style faux leather jacket is lined with faux fur and adds a cool rock and roll look to our favorite coat shape. Without a doubt, the faux leather jacket is one of our standout pieces for the season.

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