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Booty Shorts

According to Free People, having fun with fashion doesn’t just stop with what you wear on the outside. Intimates are just as important, and sometimes even more fun, than putting together an entire outfit together. Intimates are kept for certain eyes only and can make one feel even just a tad bit sexier overall, and that is what makes it special. But it is only special if one makes it feel so. Free People takes its intimates very seriously, and especially so when it comes to booty shorts. Booty shorts provide the perfect amount of coverage, aren’t too low rise or too high rise, and don’t look bulky underneath your skinny jeans. We love wearing booty shorts in exciting colors like chili pepper red and neon pink, as well as in interesting textures, like frilly lace or burnout velvet. Booty shorts feel and look super luxurious, in their delicate feeling fabrics, silky sheens, knitted pattern, and scalloped trimmings. Booty shorts are more than just underwear, they are a way of life.

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