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Skater Dresses

Looking for a dress that is still pretty but with a little more oomph than what you have in the rest of your closet? Then maybe you need a dress with a new shape. One that still flatters the figure but is more striking than normal. The skater dresses at Free People are exactly what you are looking for then. Super slimming with a slight flare below the waist, it enhances our curves in all the perfect places. And like the costumes of the ice skating sport, skater dresses have stretch in them so that they feel super comfortable and can be worn all day. From luxurious velvets with long sleeves and crazy geometric patterns to delicate floral prints with subtle bead embellishments, the skate dress can pull off just about any color or pattern. We love our skater dresses for day and for night. Any day, any time the Free People skater dress never lets us down.

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