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Faux Fur Vests

The colder fall and winter seasons can be a drag to get dressed for. It takes time and space to put on all those layers just to keep even a tad bit warm. And wearing that same old coat everyday can leave us feeling unfashionable, uninspired, and frumpy. So, if layering is unavoidable, then we might as well make the most of it and try out something new when getting dressed in the morning. Faux fur vests are the perfect thing to break the monotonous cycle of winter dressing, adding a cool new element of texture and shape to our everyday look. Faux fur vests from Free People force us to think about layering in new ways, because more layers are exposed, and this is what makes faux fur vests so much fun to dress up with. We love adding texture upon texture when playing around with faux fur vests, like a tweed jacket underneath or a lacey long sleeved top. Playing with different sleeve lengths on top of each other underneath your vest is an awesome way to show off the different layers of color and texture. Or if you prefer a more simple look, but still want to wear your faux fur vest, go for a more retro look, with a pair of high-waisted pants, a simple sheer blouse, floppy wool hat, and a colorfully woven belt with platform boots. You’ll be seventies chic in an instant, and the faux fur will add that extra glam factor.

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