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Chunky Scarves

There is nothing we love more here at Free People than proportion play! And there is no easier way to add some volume and extreme shape than wrapping a large, chunky scarf around your neck in the winter. When pair with a stream-lined coat or a basic blazer, a chunky scarf really stands out, and that is what we love most of it! And we love to try them out in different colors and patterns, such as bright summery hues or vintage woven patterns. A chunky scarf can instantly turn a simple denim, tee and cardigan look into something super chic and fashion-forward. And it takes no time to style one up and wrap it around for the best voluminous effect one can get! From heavy wool knits to woven tapestries, chunky scarves come in all colors, prints, textures, and styles. According to us, the chunkier the chunky scarf the better. And there are so many chunky scarf options at Free People, so don’t be afraid to try them all!

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