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Lace Skirts

A lace skirt is the perfect way to infuse a touch of ladylike style into your outfit. Lace skirts make the best layering pieces because most of them are sheer and lightweight. We love to layer our Free People lace skirts over our body-conscious mini dresses or over a more simple skirt. And nothing looks more majestic than a long and flowing lace maxi skirt over layered over a contrasting print. A lace skirt is the freshest way to bring a pop of the Victorian era to your everyday look. We also love to mix the pretty with the grungy by pairing a lace skirt with beat up leather boots and piles of metal jewelry on your wrists. Get your hand on a lace skirt to dress up even the most rugged of closets, or to play up the sophistication of your most girlish pieces even more.

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