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Women's Knit Pants

Experimenting with texture and interesting fabrics isn’t just for your tops and sweaters. The kind of texture and feel that you wear on your bottom is just as important. Free people loves playing around with fun, new patterns and fabrics to wear on your pants. Forget basic denim and boring pants in neutral tones. Think outside of the box and try on a pair of knit pants in your favorite color, and call it a day. Free People loves a lace or crochet patterned knit pant because it feels romantic and bohemian at the same time. This type of knit pant is usually semi-sheer, has a wide leg shape, and has a stretchy, body-conscious fit so that they are super comfortable. We love making our knit pants the foundation and highlight of an outfit, building a whole look around them. Try pairing a pair of pretty flared knit pants with a semi-sheer, slightly oversized blouse in a dreamy color like blush pink or spring lavender. Throw on a pair of wedge sandals and a wide-brimmed straw hat to call it a day. Knit pants keep you warm in the winter when they are layered up, but also feel fresh and lighthearted in the spring, when worn in a lighter knit fabric and in soft, toned down colors like pastel green, lavender, and baby blue.

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