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Nicholas K Clothing

Sometimes the hardest piece to find is that perfect dress to wear to that major party you’ve been waiting to happen for months. A dress can make or break your mood at the party, and Free People has got your back when it comes to helping you find the dress meant to be worn for you on that special day. This is when the beloved brand Nicholas K comes into the picture. We love Nicholas K for their dresses that are a perfect balance of sophistication and casual, everyday wear. Free People loves that Nicholas K isn’t afraid to experiment and try new things with their dress designs, from watercolor-like combinations of tones, asymmetrical hems, artistic trimmings beautifully ruffled layers, and a convertible nature that makes a lot of their pieces easily wearable for very different occasions. Usually super long and flowing, Nicholas K maxi dresses take length and proportion to a whole new level. There are so many options from Nicholas K right here at Free People when it comes to partying it up for the holiday season or dressing down for the warmer months. Get your hands on your favorite Nicholas K piece at Free People, and you’ll be wearing it for years to come.

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