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Crochet Bikinis

Why not try something new when it comes to your bikini this season? Crochet is a timeless staple no matter what shape or form it takes, be it a dress, a skirt, or a top. But right now, the shape we are going mad for is the timeless crochet bikini form. Crochet bikinis are sexy, and feel a little bit dressier like outerwear. The best thing? You can take them to the pool with you and not be afraid to get wet! We love crochet bikinis worn all along on a hot summer day, with just a pair of cutoff shorts, flat sandals, a floppy hat, and a good tan. Or try layering your crochet bikini underneath a shapeless and sheer sheath dress, or peeking out from underneath an oversized tank with large armholes. Crochet is always a pretty touch for any look. You can never go wrong with it and a little goes a long way. Free People embraces crochet because it is timelessly bohemian and free-spirited, but can also be very sexy at the same time. Take our one-piece cutout crochet bikinis. This style is not for the shy, for even though it is a one-piece, it screams sexy, cool, and attention-seeking. It takes only confidence to pull off a crochet bikini, or any sort of crochet at all, and this gives us even more reason to wear it! Starting this summer with a crochet bikini from People is the best place to start!

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