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Vanessa Mooney Accessories

Vanessa Mooney accessories are made for the princess dreamers and gypsy travelers within us all. Free People and Vanessa Mooney accessories basically go hand-in-hand. With worldly inspiration taken from exotic places like India and tropical rain forests, Vanessa Mooney accessories have stories behind them and are more than just pretty pieces of jewelry to decorate ourselves with. Each piece Vanessa Mooney jewelry has every single little detail taken into consideration, from the curve of an etched design to the particular placement of a brightly toned turquoise stone. They are meant to be layered on top of each other, for a piled on feel that seems natural and whimsical for the bohemian-loving girl. The gorgeous bead tiered necklace and turquoise studded bracelets are two of our Vanessa Mooney favorites, as well as the delicate yet striking rings that we love to pile on and on and on. For your favorite hippie child jewelry pieces, make sure to check out Vanessa Mooney accessories at Free People.

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