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High Waisted Skirts

The best way to show off your favorite tops is with a high waisted skirt. High waisted skirts are not only chic, but also very sexy because they focus on the curves of your waist and hips. With fashion turning towards the more feminine aesthetic of the past, especially that of the 1950’s, the fact that we are embracing high waisted skirts today makes a lot of sense. We love our high waist skirts worn in a quirky pattern like ditzy florals or geometric shapes. Throw on a cropped sweater and tights with your high waist skirt for a fun winter look, or try a sheer button-front blouse tucked in all the way with over-the-knee socks and platform booties for a downtown city look. The fact that high waisted skirts are so versatile in terms of how they can be worn and what lengths and prints this can be worn in, makes them the season’s ultimate essential.

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