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Crop Top Bras

With the huge selection of sheer blouses out there right now, girls everywhere are in need of a suitable yet still chic cover up to wear underneath. Crop top bras have just the right amount of coverage without looking too prudish at all. And they come in so many fun prints, patterns, colors, and even textures, that wearing them is more about the fun rather than the practicality. Sheer lace, ditsy floral, dainty checkers, and scalloped trimmings make crop top bras an interesting fashion statement, even when they are worn underneath a sheer top. We also love to style them on the outside of our favorite vintage rocks tees, long sleeved lace top or casual basics. What isn’t more adorable than a floral printed crop bra over a button-front shirt buttoned all the way to the top, with a pleated vegan leather high-waisted skirt? Underwear as outerwear is the best idea ever, and crop top bras are at the top of our list of underwear must-haves. Crop top bras add new interest and dimension to our outfits. Why haven’t we thought of this earlier?

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