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Designer Jeans for Women

Free People is crazy over denim, and we love working with amazing brands and making them a part of the Free People denim family. Free people looks for quality, luxury, amazing fit and textures, and beautiful washes and lengths when it comes to the denim we choose to give our customers. Rich & Skinny is one of those designer brands that always blow everything out of the water. From super edgy lengths, the most flattering and comfortable fits, and the most vibrant colors out there, Rich & Skinny designer jeans are one of our favorites. Nightcap is another one of those designer jeans brands that we love because their designs are always so unique, bringing something new to the plate. We love their seventies-style button front denim overalls with a flare leg. Free People’s designer jeans are always unique, of the best quality, and totally fashion-forward.

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