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Studded Boots

A cool boot already makes a strong fashion statement. Now just imagine a pair covered in metal studs. How much cooler would that be? Definitely a lot more cooler. A studded boot makes even the most basic of outfits look that much more fashion-forward and edgy. Whether the studs be around the ankle, on the toe, or trimming the heel, a little goes a long way. And a studded boot doesn’t just have to look or come across as too edgy or too rock and roll. A studded boot has so many different personalities and come in so many different shapes that they work for every sort of girl. A chic and sleek studded ankle boot looks lovely with skinny jeans or colored trousers, while a slouchy mid-length lace-up combat boot with a studded heel fits in perfectly with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans or a denim cutoffs. A pair of studded boots are a new style to try this season. They are tough and interesting, and that is everything we need when it comes to dressing up our feet.

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