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Lace Tops

Lace is one of those fabrics that will never go out of fashion. It’s been much loved since the Victorian days for its romantic factors, such as its delicate feel and intricate pattern details. Nothing looks and feels more feminine than lace. Today, we want to bring this pretty style back and wear it in the form of a lace top. Wear it super sheer underneath an adorable denim overall dress, or spice up a basic pair of black denim skinnies and ankle boots. Then throw a chic blazer and hat on top. The lace top is so universal, and the ones from Free People are especially so. They go with just about anything and add the perfect feminine and dainty touch to soften even the most tough or masculine of pieces in your wardrobe. From black and white to a pretty crème or baby pink, lace tops in every color need to be in your wardrobe.

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