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Vintage Jewelry

Vintage is dear to our hearts here at Free People. We collect it with a sharp eye and a strong love for the unique and timeless. Our vintage jewelry collection at Free People is truly one-of-a-kind. From turquoise studded rings and Southwestern style necklaces and shiny black beaded bracelets and dangle earrings, Free People’s vintage jewelry brings us back in time to some of our favorite eras. All of our vintage jewelry is handpicked for authenticity, quality, and uniqueness. Most of these items you cannot find anywhere else. We love mixing our age old vintage jewelry pieces with the more modern, fashion-forward pieces we already have in our wardrobes. We love an authentic vintage Navajo turquoise necklace with a sheer, floral-patterned button down blouse and high-waisted denim shorts. Or our vintage dangle earrings with our boyfriend’s graphic tee and a body-conscious miniskirt. The newest addition to our vintage jewelry collection are crochet or beaded collars that we can wear to update our basic tees, dresses, or anything that has a simple neckline. Our vintage metal cuffs are daring and tough, and we love how they add an edge to our dainty dresses. There are so many fun and interesting ways to involve Free People vintage jewelry into our everyday outfits. Get a piece for yourself, and you will be sure to keep it forever or pass along!

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