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Oversized Tees

Going the tomboy way can sometimes be the best way. The easiest way to go this route is with Free People’s oversized tees. Spacious, relaxed and totally casual, an oversized tee is the piece of clothing that we never want to take off and want to throw on with everything we own. A maxi dress? Throw an oversized tee and sneakers on to downplay its extreme length. Going to the beach? Throw that oversized tee and a floppy hat on and your ready to lounge in the sun all day long in style. And what makes the perfect pairing for distressed denim? Why an oversized tee, of course. Usually super soft, perfectly worn in and slouched at just the right amount, nothing feels or looks better on than an oversized tee. Always suitable for every body shape and size, the oversized tee from Free People is functional and fashionable at the same time.

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