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Vintage Accessories

Vintage accessories are very much loved here at Free People because of their uniqueness and the stories behind them. Our vintage accessories collection at Free People is truly one-of-a-kind. We have everything from western rings and 50’s style necklaces, hand beaded bracelets and gorgeous pearl earrings. Each vintage accessory is handpicked for authenticity, quality, and uniqueness. If you buy a vintage accessory from Free People, then you know that you probably cannot find it anywhere else. At Free People, we like to mix and match the old with the new; mix old stories with the stories of our own. This means taking our special vintage accessories and pairing them the fashion-forward pieces we already have in our jewelry boxes, like studded cuffs, bib necklaces, and spiked earrings. Adding new world toughness to old world romanticism is very appealing and fits right in with the Free People aesthetic. Free People vintage accessories are the perfect things to update our favorite pieces. Find a vintage accessory from Free People that catches your eye and find a unique way mold to your modern-day tastes and style. You will be sure to keep it forever or pass along!

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