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Sundresses - Sun Dresses at Free People

Even though we are approaching the middle of winter at the moment, it doesn’t mean that you can’t escape to a warm and tropical paradise anytime soon, or look forward to the soon to be here (and much-loved) spring and summer. Busting out a sweet sundress from Free People sounds like a good idea all the time! Sundresses are meant to be casual, comfortable, and cool, and the ones we have at Free People are all that and even more. Sun dresses from Free People come in all sorts of styles, shapes, colors, and textures. Try one out in soft and semi-sheer gauze that is perfect for a long day at the beach. Or try a sundress trimmed with intricate crochet material for a warm night out dancing with friends. A soft jersey fabric for your sundress is meant to be worn for a day out running errands and enjoying good weather. Shop our complete selection of dresses and maxi skirts at Free People Clothing Boutique to find the perfect sundress for your style.

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