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Nightcap Clothing

There is no better time than right now to start infusing more lace into your wardrobe. Nightcap is the go-to brand for everything lace. Metallic lace, sheer lace, all over lace, lace inserts . . . the list goes on and on. Nightcap is all about everything feminine, flirty, and sleek, and they lay their specialty in a wonderful body-conscious fit that never feels too constricting or too over-the-top. Free People is all about texture and vintage aspects, which are two things that the lace designed by Nightcap fully embodies. From bodysuits and mini dresses with bell sleeves to super wideleg pants and off-the-shoulder top, Nightcap loves to put lace on it all. Lace has never felt so elegant and distinct as it is in Nightcap’s collection of show stopping pieces. Just one lace piece from Nightcap is all you need to really make a statement. Lace is always in season, always on trend, and always super chic and impeccable. And best of all, lace by Nightcap looks good in all colors, tones, and shapes

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