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Sweater Jackets

Outerwear doesn’t always have to feel so stuffy or put-together. Sometimes we want a jacket that just feels like we are wrapped up in a cozy sweater, without the look of a frumpy sweater. Free People is the perfect place to look when it comes to finding a sweater jacket that gives you the best of both worlds. It’s like loungewear meets dressing up. From sweater blazers and motorcycle style jackets to denim jackets with sweater sleeves, there are ways to bring comfy to your everyday dress up routine. And sweater jackets ensure that you will be kept warm all day long. And they are so much fun to layer with, and the best way about layering with them is that there is less bulk because of the material. Try a Free People sweater jacket in a fun quilted tapestry pattern to play your black skinny jeans up, or throw a simple sweater jacket over a heavily printed mini dress to tone it down. Either way you go, the sweater jacket is a no fail.

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