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Friendship Bracelets

Wear a little color around your wrists and don’t be afraid to stack them on. Friendship bracelets always come out of hiding during spring and summer, and we love to just keep adding them and adding them and never taking them off! Mixing and matching colors and patterns with your friendship bracelet is such a fun way to amp up even the most basic of looks, such as denim shorts and a white tank. You can even add a little more attitude to your wrist decorations with some fun embellishments that take the whole friendship bracelet look to the next level. And just because we say friendship bracelets, we don’t only just mean woven ones! A friendship bracelet can be anything, as long as it has the same sort of loving and youthful idea behind it. We love our friendship bracelets stretchy, beaded, chainlink, charmed up and everything else in-between. We want to wear them all!

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