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Vintage Dresses

There is always something special about a vintage dress. Each and every vintage dress tells a unique story, that not only comes out from the original owner, but in the way the dress is created, the patterns and colors used, and the shape. There is so much behind an authentic vintage dress, and that is why Free People loves to collect the best ones for their customers. Free People has a wide variety of vintage dresses: 80’s style oversized floral dresses, 70’s style bohemian dresses in crochet, suede, and paisley print, knitted sweater dresses, floral printed maxi dresses, color blocked mod mini dresses, laced trimmed mini dresses, outrageous prom dresses, velvet long sleeved dresses, and even tie dyed slip dresses. Vintage dresses by Free People are super special because of their unique details, whether it be a ruffled trim, a stunning silhouette, the texture of a fabric, the intense stitching, or color combination. Little details like layered mesh, beadwork, and draped fabric are what make our vintage dresses true investment pieces that will stay in fashion forever. What style of vintage dress is your favorite?

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