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Vintage Women's Clothing

One always gets a special feeling when they wear vintage clothes, whether it is something passed down from your grandmother or something you picked up at the local flea market some random day. What we love most about vintage clothing at Free People are the stories that these individual pieces tell, as well as their strong attention to detail. From vintage distressed denim overalls with a tomboy feel to a long floor sweeping Victorian dress made for a fashionable night out, the collection of vintage clothing at Free People is unlike any other and leaves nothing out. The bohemian girl has crochet mini shift dresses, the most girlish of girls have lacey midi dresses with pleated detailing, the tomboys at heart have the distressed denim and tough leather pieces to throw over everything, the true vintage loving girl at heart has everything at her fingertips here at Free People. The best thing about vintage clothing at Free People is that it can all be mixed and matched together in any way possible. The sky is the limit. There are not two colors, texture, patterns, or silhouettes that can’t work together. Dig into the vintage clothing collection at Free People and come up with some jewels you will be wearing for years to come.

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