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Tunic Dresses

Tunic dresses are the perfect go-between when you can’t make up your mind about wearing a dress or going with a blouse. The best thing about Free People tunics is that they can be either dressy or super casual, and it is so easy to change it up between the two. With a pair of leggings or knitted tights, your tunic is magically transformed into a dress. With skinny jeans or super wide leg flares, your tunic looks super edgy and city chic, or extra bohemian and thrown together. Tunic dresses don’t have to fit into any one category, but are meant to be played around with and molded into many different things. We especially love our tunic dresses a bit more loose and oversized in shape, meant to be worn casually and laid back. Top the look off with patterned leggings, a fitted blazer, and a slouchy beanie. A look that is simple yet fashion-forward. Or if you are feeling more sexy, our Free People tunics also come in more body-conscious fits and with more interesting textures and patterns, such as stretchy crochet or lacey inserts. There is so much to choose from when it comes with Free People tunic dresses that it may be hard to get a hole of only one piece.

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