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  • Beachinchick Viscose Voile Mini Slip style pic
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  • midlin Hi! I love your style, I saw you did a review of the gypsy button front long sleeve top a while ago. I have been looking for that top for over a year and have had no luck in finding one. I was wondering if you would possibly consider selling it to me? It would mean so much to finally have it after looking for over a year. Thank you -Morgan
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  • midlin @beachinchick
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  • Kristina_2015 I'm so surprised at this photo! I have that exact same lace tank top, which I bought at a Goodwill here last year. The tag was cut off the back so I never thought I'd get the opportunity to know what brand it is! Pleaaaaaase look at yours and tell me!
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  • Beachinchick @Kristina_2015 - It is from American Eagle, surprisingly enough. They don't usually have that style of clothing.
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