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  • BlueInk Flag as Inappropriate Did you girls end up getting all 3 raglans? I still haven't got the Texas one but I really want it.. It would be too cute with the romanas and cutoffs.. I like TOO MANY THINGS! I seriously hope I don't like anything in the July catalog.. NOT LIKELY! xoxo
  • KEFI Flag as Inappropriate LOL Cat! Highly unlikely!!! Raglans r coming back in july!
  • BlueInk Flag as Inappropriate Really??? Yay! I wear the black/grey one ALL the time! It was SO worth it! xoxo
  • branwen Flag as Inappropriate ~ I got the white one and Texan one...which is way, way better IRL!!! The sleeves are a really pretty muted terra cotta beige~ish color... Love. Love. Love. wear both a lot!! either will b literally killing it out there w nitecaps!!! XOXO
  • BlueInk Flag as Inappropriate Did you cut either of yours or leave them long in the back? I'm considering cutting the back of my black/grey one... xoxo
  • Dam_Bau_Belly Flag as Inappropriate Nice Clother, i wanna get some one from freepeople.
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