Supermodel Off Duty
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  • MoMia Flag as Inappropriate Cat, what do you think about the California Love T? I use to wanna be a model growing up:)....but at 5'7" I was too short to walk the my mind I could stomp with the best of them, with "I'm too Sexy" glaringly loud in the background:0...LOL <3
  • BlueInk Flag as Inappropriate I love that t!!! You def have supermodel taste! I'm sure you could do print work! I love the whole effortlessly casually chic thing that models seem to have when milling around town... I want to have that when I grow up... :)
  • MoMia Flag as Inappropriate :) maybe if I was younger...I think they consider 20 to be which case @ 35 I'm ancient and decrepit by their standards...LOL! But I Love being over 30, my "oh well and I don't give a flip factor" are so calming for me:) <3
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