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  • KEFI Flag as Inappropriate Gotta GO FOR IT Cat! You may just take the attention away from the bride in that dress;)) Oh
  • BlueInk Flag as Inappropriate That dress is killer! It might get me kicked out of the fam though! lol! It's making me think I need the black romanas though... I love teh idea of a black summer dress with the black romanas! And how did I miss the lace knickers! I'm now obsessed with them! Am I crazy? What do you put with them? Would it be ridic to wear them with a beater and combat boots?
  • KEFI Flag as Inappropriate OMG, yes, the black romanas! Never have to work too hard to convince me of black on black! lol Cat, I have the ruffled knickers from past season in black and petal pink, mine do not have the band of lace in them.....that's the only diff. I wear them with tunic tees, under slips, even with some of my Wildfox hoodies! I wear mine lots in the summer. Most anything goes with them. xoxo
  • KEFI Flag as Inappropriate ......actually, i just took a closer look. mine have about 4~5 rows of the ruffles and an elastic waist.....same concept same length though!
  • BlueInk Flag as Inappropriate I got my bonus and didn't go too crazy... yet... I got the rust suede romanas... the graphic love bug... and the printed thermal leggings that are sale for $19 to wear under my "way too destroyed for an adult" jeans... xoxo
  • BlueInk Flag as Inappropriate Next on my list are those black knickers... black romanas... and the open back dress (maybe)... and of course the 2 items i'll only get if they go on super sale... the mexican blanket jacket and poncho dress... I so heart both of those... but they are a bit too pricey for me... :)
  • KEFI Flag as Inappropriate Oh, i can't wait to hear about the rust romanas! awsome purchase Cat! xoxo
  • MoMia Flag as Inappropriate Mega score Cat - definitely need the scoop on the rust romanas. I bought the thermal leggings in the plum color and wear them with a dark rosy/sand colored LS t-shirt tunic and dark sand colored OTBT ankle boots...I think you'll really like the leggings on their own too:) <3
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