Beauty's Privilege
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"Lord Wessex. You've been waiting." ... "I am aware of it. But it is beauty's priivilege." ...

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  • NinjaGirl Flag as Inappropriate Happy Holidays, Catarino! I know you've been busy, but I've missed your collections! Love your picks. <3 I just received those Patchwork Flares and although they are long, they are keepers! :)
  • NinjaGirl Flag as Inappropriate "Shakespeare in Love" is a fave! <3
  • BlueInk Flag as Inappropriate Hi B! I've missed you girls SO much! I've had major life curve ball drama in the last 3 months but I've managed to land on my feet and things are going well... Glad to know the patch flares are keepers because I will probably order those and the other patchwork pants (the ones in fall colors) next week... Do you find they run tts? What other lovely gems have you got lately? I don't live super close to an FP anymore so its online shopping only for me... xoxo
  • KEFI Flag as Inappropriate I can't even write about how happy I am to see one of your collections pop up!!!!! Curve~balls suck hard...glad to hear you are doing ok:)) Lovin the vibe/colors in this gorgeous collection! The bags are torture....untouchable for me :(( I hear ya Cat, the closest FP for me is 60 mi. away in Highland Park. XOXO
  • NinjaGirl Flag as Inappropriate Happy to hear that you are doing ok, Catarino! The important thing is to not let the curve balls keep you down. The Patchwork flares run true to size, no stretch. You can catch my review on them. I wear a 27 in FP, and the 4 fit straight out of the package but stretched out a bit after wearing because of all of the seams in the patches, I think. Super l-o-n-g so will need to hem as well as wear platforms or something. :)
  • NinjaGirl Flag as Inappropriate The Patchwork Cords are printed patchwork, not real patchwork and the distressing was too much for my taste although they are cute on. They are tts but stretch out a little after wear and they are super long, however they have unfinished hems so you can cut them to suit your taste. I sent mine back but if they show up on sale I might spring for them again. :)
  • MoMia Flag as Inappropriate Fabulous Cat....Love this vibe:) Missed you and your glad you've got "9 lives" Cat and were able to land on your feet....You go Gurl:))) <3
  • BlueInk Flag as Inappropriate Hi ladies!!! Thank you so much for the warm welcome back... :) Yeah I'll just have to admire the bags from afar... but FP has the most amazing flares so I will try to snag a few in the next few months... and I'm kinda eyeing those sequine cropped pants (black/pink combo) now that they are on sale... Too flashy?
  • NinjaGirl Flag as Inappropriate Go for it, Cat! I think they are really cute. My only concern would be that the sequins might be "itchy" where they are turned against your skin like where the seams come together. I had a jacket that was lined only in the body, and the sleeves really bugged me because those tiny sequins were turned inside. Other than that, they would be a fun piece especially since they're on sale! :)
  • Daf Flag as Inappropriate Welcome back, Cat! So great to see your collection and I hope you'll have a year full of joy and inspiration!
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