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  • BlueInk Flag as Inappropriate My purchase clicking finger got a little itchy... :/
  • NinjaGirl Flag as Inappropriate I think we are all having that problem right now,Cat! LOL! Love your picks especially the boots and locket! Ever since MohondaMarie gave me the thumbs up on the Big Dipper Tee, I've purchased EVERYcolor plus the striped version in black that I'm still waiting for...thanks, MM! :)
  • MoMia Flag as Inappropriate Way to go Cat:))) I'm trying to hold out...especially after just purchasing the Mannitobah Mukluks in stone:0...in Luv! But you know the big dipper t in white would be Ah-mazing with them. <3
  • BlueInk Flag as Inappropriate Oh my! I didn't buy all this stuff! LoL! I got the bracelet because one popped up in the sale section for $69 from almost $400! I've loved that bracelet for a long time but never even bothered to put it in my cart because of the price... Anyway I got that and the locket so I could get free shipping... :)
  • BlueInk Flag as Inappropriate The big dipper in white and those boots are on my wish list though!
  • MoMia Flag as Inappropriate You're right Cat that bracelet was almost that much...I always wondered if the sale price is actually closer to the true cost. Congrats on your score:)) <3
  • KEFI Flag as Inappropriate I totally want your closets! Lovin' everything here Cat and.....SCORE for you!!!! Talk to you guys in a couple days......dying from flu and taking care of 2 boys with same flu....FUN. xoxo
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