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  • Cinders Flag as Inappropriate WHAT??? The ruffledlayersmaxi in black???? POOP, XS only. Did you nab it Catarino?? ~ LOVE this's BLACK PHASE time.
  • BlueInk Flag as Inappropriate LOL! I've been SERIOUSLY eyeing it my cart but I have the small ivory coming already! I think I like the black better but I feel like I will like the way the small will fit better... I hate feeling like if I drink a big glass of water my clothes feel like they are strangling me! Way more info than u needed i know! lol
  • Cinders Flag as Inappropriate know EXACTLY what you mean! : )
  • branwen Flag as Inappropriate Omigosh!!! U should just get it!! U r so tiny and I swear, it's stretchy!!! The black shuts it down!!!XOXO
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