Flower Child
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  • KEFI Flag as Inappropriate Flower child is def fitting! Love this! I know I have to own that cuff! I have the Bryce canyon collar necklace by that designer (siliba) I believe, and It is stunning!XOXO
  • Cinders Flag as Inappropriate LOVE the cuff. I missed out on some earrings from the same designer. I hoping they come back. What have learned from the advice of branwen?? If you like it, GET IT before it's too late. LOL
  • branwen Flag as Inappropriate i am having an anxiety attack about that peasant dress!!! what is going on with it!!! it is incredible!!! XOXO
  • branwen Flag as Inappropriate ~oh~ branwen can not afford to take her own advice on this dress!!! :( ~ that is what is causing the anxiety attack!!! Lol!!! and agree about the cuff- it's gorgeous!!!
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