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  • Cinders Flag as Inappropriate This isn't complete... I seem to be locked out once again. WTF? ~ But you all have to see the bottom left corner pic "solid bodycon ribbed slip" look at the kimono top!!! XOXO Hope to be back later to chat.... if they let me in.
  • BlueInk Flag as Inappropriate Awww C! i thought i was the only one who kept getting locked out.. i feel ur pain! xoxo
  • BlueInk Flag as Inappropriate That kimono is reeeally pretty! i wonder if it is a different color of the kimono shown with the new black leather pants???
  • branwen Flag as Inappropriate FREE CINDERS!!!!...u should get a 20% dscount off ur next order for pain and suffering of being locked out!!! and yeah~ u know I have such a witch vibe about the kimono!!! XOXO
  • Cinders Flag as Inappropriate LOL!!! I think I'm free.... but no 20% of yet. XOXO
  • Cinders Flag as Inappropriate Catariss-niss I think you are so right! I bet that IS a different fabric but same kimono top as styled with the leather pants. I hope they get listed soon. Espesh if they are blu moon exclusively for FP. xoxo
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