Now u see me, Now u don't
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Nice! Trying to save changes and all the pictures go away.

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  • BlueInk Flag as Inappropriate Super cute Cinders! I'm still a huge fan of the All The Best Dress! Now that I've seen it in real life and confirmed that the black shuts it down I think I HAVE to get it at some point... lol... but cape first! Focus Catarino! Focus! xoxo
  • edengarden Flag as Inappropriate LOL Cat !! the Best Dress is so romantic look~! love the lace detail~ what u ladies think abt the Goddess Dress?! xoxo
  • Cinders Flag as Inappropriate Ohhh I want to see it IRL (all the best dress), would love to try on! EG, I LOVE the goddess dress, I don't know why it looks different in pink, but it's super cute!!
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  • KEFI Flag as Inappropriate Cinders, did you order the burnout kimono? Let me know how you like it if you did! There is some FP stuff (raglans/ruffle shorts) i am going to get with coupons on another site. I want to order the burnout/WLF's together.....only if all of you LOVE it! xoxo
  • Cinders Flag as Inappropriate I did Movy! It should be here Friday. Cat LOVED it. I will report back when it comes. I am excited to get it. Have a bday party Saturday night and would love to wear it! ~ Someone's b-day is coming! XOXO
  • edengarden Flag as Inappropriate I ordered the burnout too.. but, only will received it in 1 month later.. lol.. only fp took such a long time to delivered ! other website i bought are pretty fast, mostly abt 1 or 2 weeks to received the parcel ! i wonder why fp stuff needs to took so long time?!
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