Mistral Wind
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All the hours on the watch I wait for that breeze to move me. And blow me back to that place, magic space all through me. And I sigh your name across the empty water, you made a crazy dreamer out of me.

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  • branwen Flag as Inappropriate well.....it's no secret how much I am freaking out for this collection!!!....I. Literally. Die!!!!...how stinking long have a been wanting a killer kimono?!?...but alas~ the crochet and I had a special bond that I couldn't ignore~.... chemise is so going to b the next thing I get though!!! amazing collection!!., XOXO
  • Cinders Flag as Inappropriate XOXO Movy! I am dying over all the new things. And I am still trying to catch up from June! ~ I know B, which kimono will be your first?? I really really love the One Teaspoon one.
  • edengarden Flag as Inappropriate LOVE !! i die for the Spun Eighty Stages, Avenue West Chemise, Esther's Crochet Fringe, moon ring, Luster Pearl Fringe Cape.... and many more~~~!!! what shall i do ?!! i want to bring them all home !!! XOXO
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