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  • Saints Flag as Inappropriate These Aztec Leg warmers are awful.
    They fell cheap and look cheap.
    Oh! I almost forgot they are huge.
  • Saints Flag as Inappropriate Top is really cute. Just a little on the odd side for fit.
    But that might just be my body, it never seems to look as it does
    in the catalog
  • Saints Flag as Inappropriate I purchased these for my daughter for Christmas.
    So she will be the judge. But i did look at them BF
    hiding. Very sweet and feminine. Will look great on
    BUT definitely wonk keep your legs warm.
  • Saints Flag as Inappropriate This dress was such a wonderful surprise. It looked so beautiful
    on my daughter. It is classy and has that WOW factor.
    Very fitted and it definitely belongs on very small girls.
    Guess that leaves me out.
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