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  • branwen Flag as Inappropriate this is major en fuego!!! And I espesh dig the new maxi!!! and what is even going on w that top w it!?! I love it so much~ do u know which one it is? I think I'm slacking cuz I don't recognize it!! XOXO
  • ElephantGirl Flag as Inappropriate i don't believe it's out yet, i think someone asked on the fb page and the response was that it's due in june! can't wait!
  • branwen Flag as Inappropriate phew!! thank u..thought I was slipping!! XOXO
  • KEFI Flag as Inappropriate Soooo darn cute.....I love mixing of prints....I think it's a embedded rebellion to the "garanimals" my mom dressed me in when I was a little budding gypsy! XOXO
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