Road Trip
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  • BlueInk Flag as Inappropriate Great collection! I saw the Eagle Concert raglan and Desert scarf in store today and loved them both!
  • ElephantGirl Flag as Inappropriate Thanks! I already have the raglan (amazing) and the scarf is on my wishlist! They will be essentials for my summer travels :)
  • branwen Flag as Inappropriate this is very very MAY~JOR!!! I love that raglan too!! I got the white one to go with my mesh ombre skirt~but I am feeling such a witch vibe for this grey!! Oh , I dig it so much it makes me angry!!! XOXO
  • branwen Flag as Inappropriate oh.... and I have to tell u...I love ur C.S. Lewis quote and ur AAH-MAZE-ING profile pic!!! brilliant!!! XOXO
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