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  • FPYelena Military Ruffles Jacket style pic
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  • lori2k Love this look! I bought this adorable jacket today in mauve. I was wearing shorts and black ankle booties when I tried it on, and can't believe how it brought out the best in what I was wearing. I was thinking of how it would look with black leggings or skirt, I think it' looks amazing! :)
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  • FPYelena Thanks so much!

    That sounds like an awesome pairing! It's such a slammin jacket to have, It adds charisma to any outfit! I'm happy you love it as much as I do!
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  • bevwright7 Your great pic sold me on the hat I was hair loooks so much like yours, so I can really see what it will look like. I love this whole look
    it's put together great with lots of thought and fun mixed in it.. love! xxx
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  • FPYelena I like to be as creative as possible and I'm glad that it reflects in the outfit! I'm happy this out fit inspired one for you! :] xx
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  • Yennhi Love your style! What size is the jacket?
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