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My name is Lindsay Marie Hillegas, I'm born and raised in Orange County, California. I was born by the beach and ever since have always been a beachy, carefree, warm-hearted girl. I love beautiful surroundings and indulging myself in beautiful clothing (such as Free People) :). My dream is to work for Free People. I am currently still in high school, but I am graduating this year; CLASS OF 2010!!! So, I really want to go work at the new Santa Barbara Free People store that just recently opened up. I look forward to my future now because of them, because I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do until I realized that my heart belongs with Free People. Ever since the 8th grade I have been in love with this brand, it not only defines the personality I have, but it also represents the real woman: Beautiful, down-to-earth, caring, yet care free, warm-hearted, sensual, and romantic. I am happy to admit that my heart belongs with Free People :)

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