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I Am Idealistically Realistic, Passionately Ambitious, Surrealistically Artistic, Bordering On Eccentric To Neurotic, Curious, Indulgent And Yet Strangely Nonchalant, An Open Book And Yet Enigmatic - Distant And Aloof And Yet Near As Can Be; Love The Written Word And Crave To Write, Passionately Into Music; Cringe At Typicality And Mediocrity, Spurn The Condescending And Arrogant - Admire The Knowledgeable And Presentable; I Don’t Mind If You Hate Me, I Don't Die For Your Adulation; I Am Not Easily Impressed, Yet Impressed By Everything, I Am Honestly & Sweetly Critical, And I Am Hard To Please, Yet Everything Pleases Me; Morbid And Melancholic, Sometimes; Nurture Friends In Need; Will Forgive But Never Forget, Even Though I Unusually Don’t Give A Damn; I Like Tea Better Than Coffee, Pepsi Better Than Coke; The Sea Better Than The Mountains, Dread The Downward Slide; Optimistically Pessimistic; Yes, As You Might’ve Noticed, I Am Deliriously Poetic…

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