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I am an eccentric writer who enjoys writing tall tale, and entertaining small children with unsual facial expression, i am 17 and i love to write, read, draw, and sing... My ideal job would be owning my own company, where i make custom wedding dresses for women, and hand make jewelry and craft customs shoes, i plan on going to a school to learn how to run a buisness while also taking side classes on graphic design, my mom is teaching me how to sew, and i've been making jewelry for quite some time with gold craft thread and beads. I get alot of inspiration from the Gyaru fashion in Japan, Korea, and China, and i take a lot from Southern American fashion and country fashion, I like the frill of the Gyaru Fashion, the blingy nails, the innocent makeup and the eccentric voluminous hairstyles, and i like the simple roughness of country fashion, where leather and lace can be friends, i hope one day very soon to start my buisness and make dresses drawn from both inspirations.

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